SQL Link

version control for databases

SQL Link started as the most simple solution to SQL version control: Dump scripts.
Quickly we recognized that SQL Server does not only lack support for that, but is missing many other kinds of useful abstractions.

So as a first step, we hope you want to put your database code under version control and have clean schema migrations. It's easy. Next, go to the advanced level and check what abstractions like packages and variants can do!

No source control, yet?


Supported DBMS

Our main support targets SQL Server, however step-by-step we also add support for other database systems.

Beta Stage = Your Involvement

Yes, we are running a long beta period before launching the first v1.0!
That's because we want your feedback!

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Beta Named License Floating License

Basic Edition

32 EUR
64 EUR

Dump scripts for tables, views and stored procs.

Developer Edition

64 EUR
128 EUR

Full support for dump scripts and install scripts.

Architect Edition

128 EUR
256 EUR

Full support for dump scripts, install scripts, packages, code generation and variants

The free license is valid for one year bound to the assigned user. It cannot be sold.

User Feedback

David is a web engineer ands says:

In the past the database was a special thing for us, despite the fact that in most projects we heavily rely on stored procedures. Thank's to SQL Link they are now fully versioned in Subversion. In the past our production databases started "their own life ". Since we use SQL Link they exactly match our release version and thus eliminated many deployment-related bugs we had in the past.

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Database under version control = one problem less!

I’m Andreas Kleffel and I am the lead developer of SQL Link and the owner of BlueScreen.Technology.

Professional development is not heroic. It is based on (industry) best practices and solid tools. Many aspects in database development are hard today and need heroic effort. I think version control is a must have and should be simple and affordable. That's what SQL Link offers in the basic edition - version control for a very low price, compared to other available tooling such as Redgate. I couldn't resist building a tool that goes beyond version control, because databases lack so many things that are available in any modern programming language - but my core mission is just that. If your database is under version control, you have one problem less and my mission is accomplished!